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Membership Information & How to Support

The Carbon Removals
Action Group

We're so grateful for all the messages asking how to get involved, the different ways that people can support our work and what every farmer can do to help defend their reputation and rights. So. we've created this page to showcase all the different ways you can get involved - all support is most welcome!

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There are both annual and monthly membership options available online. You will get instant access to the members discussion forum and the resources and information we are building along with updates on all our activities. You can also join by post if you prefer. Links and further information can be found on our Become a Member page.

Book Purchase

Our Ebook "The Taxpayers Guide to the Irish Agricultural Emissions Debate" is available from our website. Priced at only €5, it's a fantastic way to support our work and the legal challenges that must be brought to defend our rights and reputations! You can find it on our "Books & Resources" page.

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Social Media

We need as many people as possible to help us get the word out and share content to help correct the misinformation so widely spread about agricultural emissions, push back against the constant messaging that we are being 'unfair' and raise public awareness of what is really going on for farmers. You can follow CRAG Ireland on Twitter and Facebook.

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Direct donations to our legal fund

Many people have asked how they can make direct donations to the legal fund administered by our accountants. We will add details on how to donate to that directly very soon!

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