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CRAG at the Rose Hotel, Tralee 17th November 2022 at 8pm

As the conversation about emissions, removals and the rights of farmers starts to translate into concrete realities, there is more confusion and concern about where we are headed and what the future might consist of than ever.

The options available, the systems that are being created and how they will impact farmers contain terms and conditions which will give many of us pause. Research into emissions and removals is ongoing with wildly opposing perspectives - some say that all soils are net emitters with mineral soils emitting slightly less. Others say that most soils store carbon rather than releasing it.

And what are or might be the legal impacts of the decisions you make today, short and long term? It's very difficult to decipher what you should do - because of course that is different for everybody in their own situations.

CRAG will be at the Rose Hotel in Tralee on the 17th November at 8 pm along with Lawrence Shalloo of Teagasc to help you find some clarity on your situation and some answers for your questions and concerns. Come join us for a lively discussion and if you have any questions that you would like to submit in advance, you can email them to

See you all there!

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