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Carbon Removals Action Group AGM

You are invited to attend the CRAG Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 13th December at 8 pm in The Woodlands Hotel, Adare, Co Limerick.


1. Minutes of the first meeting.

2. Statement of Accounts. Tim Hurley FDC

3. Report from Chairman John Hourigan, and secretary Nadaline Webster, on the extraordinary and very eye-opening journey they have been on in regard to their contesting the absolutely unfair treatment of Agriculture in regard to carbon removals/credits and emissions.

Also, the fact that the Government prefers Green Party ideology as the basis for climate policy, rather than science and is demonstrably fine with the imposition of losses on the basis of metrics they admit are far from accurate.

4. Discussion on where do we go from here? How do we get public support for our right to a net carbon footprint? How do we get public awareness on the flawed science that is being peddled regarding agricultural emissions including methane from ruminants?

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